Malav Karkar

Malav Karkar is a familiar name in the world of marketing. Synonymous with incredible perfection and having made an indelible mark in marketing business, Malav Karkar stands for quality and creative ideas. Malav Karkar is also the sole founder of Mars International, an Indian marketing house, and as of today, Malav Karkar has worked with a few of World's finest and top-most brands, and has also written marketing plans for entertainment business including few blockbuster movies and bestselling books.

Malav Karkar shows incredible love for sports, music, and fashion business. On the way from an ordinary name to an iconic brand, Malav Karkar has contributed in the success of many familiar names.

Malav Karkar is a true believer of One God Concept, he takes very deep interest in philosophy, and he often claims to follow the religion of freedom.




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